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Safe Snowboarding Skateboarding Practice – The Spooner

Safe Snowboarding Skateboarding Practice – The Spooner

Snowboard Skateboard Learn and Practice Anywhere!

Practice all your snowboarding and skateboarding moves safely or just stay in shape. Use the Spooner on any surface or in any small space!

Unlike a traditional skateboard, which requires large spaces or a  snowboard which requires winter conditions, the Spooner allows users  to practice all the techniques of both sports in a space no larger  than a 4-foot cubicle.

A Little History:

Two friends who have known each other for a long time, collect stuff in the back of their shop. One day they decided to clear it all out.

The carpenter friend started cutting the plastic dog igloo with a  power saw. He contended that as something guided his hand, he saw the  image for the first time, and the shape was born.

The other friend  looked at the shape and in amazement, thinking, “Hey, this looks like  a spoon”, named it “The Spooner“.

Both thought it should have trucks  and wheels, but they were having too much fun. So, it became the  simulator and they didn’t fall off at all.

Visit Our Website and Order The Spooner TODAY – Simple, Fast and Easy!

The Spooner

Each Spooner is hand-crafted in the USA!

24″ Freestyle Boards
The Freestyle boards are shorter in length, measuring 24″. Available in a variety of colors.

28″ Pig Boards
The Pig boards are longer in length, measuring 28″. Available in a variety of colors.

Check out our website for additional info and watch more cool videos!
See lots of photos and learn how the Spooner is made.

Snowboard Skateboard

Skateboarding Snowboarding Skateboard Snowboard

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