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Panasonic VOIP Telephone Systems Voicemail San Diego, CA

Panasonic VOIP Telephone Systems Voicemail San Diego, CA

HIGH-TECH Communications, San Diego’s foremost dealer of Panasonic telephone and voicemail systems. In addition to sales and service of phone and voicemail equipment, we offer professional cabling, installation, training, and technical support. Serving San Diego’s business and residential communities since 1982, HIGH-TECH is known for its commitment to quality and for its outstanding customer service.

~~> www.HighTechSD.com

HIGH-TECH is a certified Panasonic dealer. We specialize in telephone and voicemail systems to suit every need and budget. We are one of a handful of dealers in Southern California authorized to sell the latest, state-of-the-art communications systems, including voiceover Internet protocol (voiceover IP) and closed-circuit television cameras that allow you to monitor events in your workplace or home from any location. We are proud to offer these exciting new technologies to our customers.

Call today for a free evaluation and quotation.

What we offer:

  • Sales and installation of new, refurbished, and used Panasonic telephone and voicemail systems
  • Fast, reliable service and support
  • Cabling and wiring for voice and data
  • Relocation of existing voicemail and phone systems
  • Programming of existing voicemail and phone systems
  • Training on all Panasonic voicemail and phone systems
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Expert troubleshooting
  • Leases, trade-ins, and upgrades
  • Remote servicing and programming from our central office

Call us today for a free consultation and evaluation. Let us show you how we can solve your telecommunications needs – promptly and cost effectively.

~~> www.HighTechSD.com

HIGH-TECH Communications, Inc.
PO Box 99606
San Diego, CA 92169
Phone: 858-272-4000
Fax: 858-272-6800
E-mail: service@hightechsd.com

One Response to “Panasonic VOIP Telephone Systems Voicemail San Diego, CA”

  1. Robert says:

    High Tech is hands down the BEST telecommunications company in San Diego.

    I’ve trusted Joe Selig with all of my needs, both commercial and residential, for the past 11 years.

    Use him for sure!

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