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Ethnic Clothing Textiles Tribal Art San Diego, CA

Ethnic Clothing Textiles Tribal Art San Diego, CA

The Levy Trading Co. is one of San Diego’s most unique gift stores, offering a rare selection of unique handmade tribal art, clothing, textiles, collectibles and more from original artists around the world.

Sharon Platnik-Levy and Harlan Levy love to travel around the world to look for hand-made treasures in the villages of India, Asia, Latin America, Indonesia, Africa and Tibet.

Levy Trading Co. buys directly from the artists in the villages so your purchase directly benefits them. The Levy Trading Co.’s collection of clothing, jewelry, toys, textiles, folk-art, wood carvings and ceramics are unique and one of a kind, and represent the ethnic cultures and peoples who hand create them.

The Levy Trading Co.
909 Garnet Ave. San Diego, CA 92109

Handmade Morroco Necklace Thai Akha Jacket

Decorate your home or garden with a distinctive, one of a kind, handmade work of art made by a world class artisan.

Give a gift that is unique, handmade, whimsical and culturally interesting!

Browse The Levy Trading Co. website and shop for your favorites.

Home Decorative
Folk Art
Wood Carvings

Levy Trading Co. specializes in traditional ethnic/tribal designs and textiles from villages around the world.

Please visit The Levy Trading Co. website and view Sharon and Harlan’s wonderful collection at:
Ethnic Clothing Tribal Art

Ethnic Clothing

2 Responses to “Ethnic Clothing Textiles Tribal Art San Diego, CA”

  1. Iris says:

    This is a great collection from around the world. Everyone should go to their store or look at the website.
    Best hand-made collection I’ve ever seen!

  2. Martin says:

    Owners of Levy Trading Co. buy directly from the artisans in villages around the world. Levy Trading Co. supports many women’s artisan cooperatives and economically disadvantaged artisans around the world. Collection of handmade originals from India, Asia, Latin America, Indonesia, Russia, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Afganistan, Tibet. Must See!
    http://www.levytradingco.com or contact Sharon @

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